A9 Spaarne Taxi / Royal Business Taxi
+31(0)23 - 533 35 10
Street cab 
Comfortable and fast
It's that easy. You hail a cab in the street, or order one through our dispatcher at A9 Spaarne Taxi / Royal Business Taxi. Upon embarking, the driver activates the meter. On arrival, you settle the amount indicated by the meter, with your driver.

A street cab is ideal when, for instance, after a night out, a lovely dinner in a restaurant, an enjoyable night at the theatre, a visit to family and friends, or any other activity, you desire to go home. Using a street cab guarantees you a safe ride home.

There will be no problems parking or should you have consumed alcohol.

Ordering a cab for Haarlem and vicinity can be done by phone, number: +31(0)23 - 533 35 10.

In a cab up to four people can be transported, from five passengers onward you need to order a taxi van. In a taxi van, up to eight people can be transported.

Of course, there's the opportunity to make reservations.

Royal Business Taxi - A9 Spaarne Taxi is available to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.